Congrats National Champions-Event held in Rochester, MN. Boys High Score Team Award! Congrats Houston JO's Gold Medal Winners & High Score Individuals! Haleigh Freas Champion on Floor. Brayden Bock & Trey Lee Champion Double Mini.


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We are currently working on our Fall 2021 short term schedule that is set to begin NOV 1st

We are taking names for those who are interested in our Monday short term program starting now till OCT1st


Our short term program is a great way to try our program to see if we are a great fit

This program runs in 6 to 8 week sessions that allow for a short term commitment.

There is no year commitment and no show participation

Classes meet Monday nights ONLY 

We follow the Dixon Public School's in holidays, vacations and snow days

Since the option for learning is now in effect for possible snow days, If school is cancelled due to weather, then we will NOT have class. 

For makeups due to weather, we will have scheduled makeup days on Fridays. THERE WILL BE NO OTHER DAY AVAILABLE


If you are interested, please email gymdivine.club@yahoo.com with the following information:

Child's name, age and your interest in our short term program

More details to come as we work out the details