ATTENTION POTENTIAL NEW STUDENTS: We are currently working on the fall season schedule and classes. Our registration begins in AUGUST. We encourage you to try our morning camps to get your foot in the door. See schedule in FORMS. We currently do have a waiting list for those trying to get in. For ALL inquiries please email gymdivine.club@yahoo.com with your child's name, age and your contact info. We will have more information on availability come AUGUST. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE. We look forward to having your child in our program.

General Info

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Returning & New Student Registration

Registration Requirements for All Students  - All needed forms are located at "Forms"  


  1. New Student Registration Form [Filled Out In Its Entirety]  
  2. COVID Wavier - please also READ the Covid procedure page and the drop off/pick up info
  3. Copy of your Health insurance card

*There is also an annual Registration Fee of $40 for students participating in our long-term program (running from September-May). And a $40 Registration Fee for our short-term program participants.

All parents will receive a packet of information upon registration of your child.                                                                 

Registration may be completed by mailing in the registration requirements listed above, however Deb must confirm an opening for you child's class first. This may be done via email or by phone.

Registration Forms are available for printing here. Both the Registration Form & Proof of Medical Insurance "must" be submitted to complete your child's registration.                                                             

If you are a new student, who does not have a class position already confirmed, please contact Deb at: gymdivine.club@yahoo.com Class placement "must" be confirmed by Deb for your child. Once placement is confirmed, Mail-in Registration is also accepted for new students.