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Of The Week

Trustworthy - “Block out distractions”

Here are some thoughts:

What can distraction for kids?
* Sounds
* Visual things
* Other kids
* Someone interrupting

The list goes on……
  🔸 Recognize when a distraction is occurring
  🔹 Educate your child to the fact that it is a distraction
  🔸 Challenge them to “Block out the Distraction”
  🔹 Do some breathing and relaxing exercises with them to help clear
     their brain and focus their attention on what they are doing
 🔸 Play a games that keep them on task. Even set a goal for how long can not be distracted
 🔹 Be patient and lead by EXAMPLE 💞

Parents we consider the character lessons a TEAM EFFORT! We are excited to be part of that Team.

Please post the character card that you received in your registration folder on the fridge (if you haven’t already).

The consistency in gym lessons and home lessons will great help retention along with living by example 💞