Congrats to all 2017 1st place State Champions - Haley Rees, Kadence Love, Alyssa Moss, Brayden Bock, Grace Tremble, Alli Bellini
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~ Teaching Philosophy ~
Our philosophy is to help each child reach his or her potiential, as a student
and as a person.  All children have different ability levels and learn at
different rates,  Our job is to encourage them to be their best and not to compare
themselves to others, but to focus on "self improvement".  Teaching 
the componate of "mental disicpline" is an important of everyone's
success.  Our Mental Champion Program has been recognized and
endorsed by many including natioanl and world competitors and also including sports medicine Dr. Gregg Grubb and others.
Deb has worked with many other sports, indivduals and given presentations
for local and many national events.    

Classes - 1 to 6 of 6

icon Monday Short Term Program - begins Monday Sept 25

Monday 5-6 PM Little Ones 4 /12- 7 yrs (6 wk $75) (FULL)

Monday 6-7 age group 8-12 yrs (6 wk $75) (OPENINGS)

Monday 7-8:15 Flip Flop Shop  (6 wk $90) (OPENINGS)

Monday High Tech Class - 7-8:15 (Competition Team Only) Gym 2 (6wk $90) NEW

Must pay one time $25 registration fee

icon Flip Flop Shop Mondays 7-8:15 6 wks $90 - Short Term class

6th grade through high school
Class is designed to help cheerleaders and others with the proper tumbling technique and lead up skills for learning back handspring and beyond! Strong emphasis on safety, mental preparedness and good technique
 6 wk session throughout the 2017-18 school year

icon Tumbling with Tempo - Tue 7:15-8:30- 6 wk short term ($90 class) OPENINGS

This class is specific to dancers who want to "kick up" their tumbling skills 
From limbering skills to handsprings we can help spice up those dance solo numbers
Safety, mental preparedness and skill development are stronly emphezied here

icon Parent - Tot Classes - Possibly added late fall

This class is designed for the developmental needs of young curious tots. During class we ask that a "Big Partner" (mom, dad, or other) guide the tot during the class, this provides a better learning curve

 Session dates pending (possible start date this fall)

Class Overview:

Opening activities - music movement, gymnastics positions, following directions

Transition next to - organized open circuit activities with mats, wedges, low beam and more

Closing activities - cool down musical activities, review and stamper