Please continue using your "MENTAL WARRIOR" Principals...... Breathe & Relax..."I'm Cool, Calm & in Control" - Use Self-Discipline control your negative thoughts & use your Postive Self-Talk. We are all an example to someone:)
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Rules & Policies

 Gymnastics Divine's Rules & Policies

Our number one rule for everyone to follow the "Golden Rule": Please do unto others as you would want them to do unto you! 

*We expect all parties involved to communicate and treat each other with courtesy and respect.  If you are unable to do so it will be understood that you do not wish to be remain a part of our program!

          The following rules are for the purpose of maintaing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for all!

1) Hair---should be pulled away from the face.   This safety rule is for students and teachers.  Hair should be styled so that when rolling backwards it does not interfer, side ponytail, braids or ponytail at the base of the neck all work well.

2) Attire--all girls are required to wear a leotard, workout shorts ot pants maybe worn over the top.   Bare feet, no shoes or socks, socks slide on the tumbl traks.   Boys in the long term classes should wear a one piece gymnastics shirt or tight fitting workout shirts are fine.   No gum, watches, or jewlry (post earrings are ok)

3)  Class payments--made out to Gymnastics Divine.  Payments remain the same amount each month regardless of illness or vacations.  Late payments may be posted as late on the door.

4)  Return Check Policy---$25 fee if a check is returned for non-sufficient funds.

5)  Payment Box- There is a payment box at the front desk or mail to:

      Gymnastics Divine--- 1106 W 3rd Street Dixon IL, 60121

6)   Payment Books- each family will recieve  payment book and account number. It is imperative that you fill in and give us your payment slip. No payments cash or check should be sent with out a payment slip.

      ***Payments and late fees--- All fees are due the 5th of the month or the first week of the new month. Please send a post-dated check with the date circled if you need to meet this obligation. The check will be held until the dat circled, you must remember to circle the date on the check. Late payments will recieve an automatic late fee after the 15th unless you communicate with us. A phone call or written note works. Please, please be a good team player and communicate, it helps eliminate problems.***

 7) Parent Watch--- Parents may watch only during watch week, these dates are listed here & on the calendar. There will be signs posted on the doors to remind you of the upcoming watch day. You may however, come in the last 15 minutes of class to listen and learn what your child is doing. If you have special circumstances please communicate with us. During "Watch Week," please encourage and show positive support for your student, we are here to "build up" not to "tear down."

 8)  Snow Days-- We will follow the Dixon Public Schools, if school is cancelled for the Dixon Schools then they will also be cancelled for us. Please listen to WIXN AM 1460 for cancellation information.

 9) Snow Day Make ups-- A supervised open gym will be available for make ups. (see Calendar) Students must sign up on Open Gym Clip Board and get a make up sheet, from their teacher to attend the open gym for no charge.

10) Open Gym Times-- Saturday- 11-12:00 (October- April). The cost of open gym is $5.00. Students may stretch on the sidelines QUIETLY when there is a class in session. They must sign up on the clipboard bythe door prior to the day. Sign in and get stamped before tumbling, day of. The open gym time is for students 5 years & older.

11) Student Pick up-- We ask that all drivers please be prompt. If you are going to be reasonably late please call the cell number.

12) Withdrawing-- Please be courteous and let us know 2 weeks in advance. Thank you!!!

13) Newletters and Calendars-- It is your responsibility to read and follow them, these are important forms of communications for all of us. We expect everyone; students, staff & families to follow the same game plan. Thank you!

14) Insurance-- we must have proof of your medical insurance on file for class participation.

15) Returing students, remember you must return in September to be eligible for the end of the year awards,handed out in May.

16) Remember to be a good example and treat everyone with Respect.   Your children are watching you!